VOLFI 4-Corner adjustable Pedestal

Modular deck support system for sophisticated best grade decking

Fast and efficient installation even on uneven surfaces. 

The team of the well-known "Haus & Garten Test" rated the system for state-of-the-art slab laying as very good.

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Landscapers benefit especially when laying uneven pavers such as most Concrete and Natural Slabs

  • Integrated locking mechanism for downward creep protection 
  • Each support point can be adjusted separately
  • Permits independent height positioning of each paving, flooring or decking element supported
  • Its innovative design permits quick and easy levelling of paver and substrate unevenness with no need for shims or spacer discs
  • Also slopes of up to 5% can be compensated by setting the adjusting gears accordingly

Pedestal installation height from 35 up to 260mm (modular)

  • Reach raised floor heights efficient end cost-effective by modular combination with VOLFI Stackable Supports VT-U in various fixed installation heights
  • Subsequent fine adjustments can be made through the joint (for widths >4mm)
  • The lugs can be removed using diagonal cutters, for laying edge and corner slabs
  • Rough cogwheel adjustments can be quickly achieved using the optional Screw Adapter, which can be clamped into standard cordless screwdrivers

extra-high bearing capacity by splitting the paving load between 4 support points

  • 400 kg (880lb) maximum load per corner (screw) = 1.600kg (3.520lb) maximum overall load per pedestal
  • For improved load distribution and a more stable footing for installation heights from 150 mm, the BP-C Base Plate with click system Ø 210 mm is recommended
  • Low weight combined with excellent stability
  • Eight screw holes for optional permanent installation

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Special Pedestal type for raised floors in vital infrastructure

  • Made of fire-retardant plastic
  • extra resistant design for use for e.g. emergency exits
  • Available with 3, 4 or 6 mm joint width
  • Adjustment range from 35 to 50 mm
  • Can be combined with TL-V-FH (fire-retardant) adjustable pedestal for greater installation heights up to over 200mm
Factsheet GER.pdf

Recommended pedestal accessories to achieve best and quickest installation results

Screw Adapter for 4-C Pedestal Type ZRV-A

  • Can be clamped into power tools
  • For easy turning in and out of the cogwheels
  • Rough cogwheel adjustments before installation 

Factsheet GER.pdf

Proper Decoupling Element for underneath the pedestal Type VP-GKU rc

  • Rubber-coated
  • For footfall sound reduction and decoupling from the substrate 
  • With four lugs or without lugs 
  • Flat base to protect the sealing membrane
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Enlarge the pedestal base diameter for better stability on soft surfaces

  • For a wider load distribution, a stable stand and 5 mm increase for VT-U 10/20/30/50, in combination with ZR-V
  • Diameter: 210 mm 
  • Click-System or with four lugs
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For solid work around the edges when there is an existing frame on-site  

  • Universal Wall Spacer (stainless steel)
  • For creating uniform edge joints around the paving and for added stability
  • Crucial for a durable unbound raised floor 
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