VOLFI Quantities Calculator

Calculate your need for spacers, supports or pedestals

You have decided on your slab format and a joint width, the decision in how the slabs are to be stored has been made and the area has been measured. Now you would only need to know how many spacers are needed for the object to avoid overstock or construction stops due to lack of material as much as possible. 

The VOLFI Calculator will answer this questions for you. Enter the planned dimensions in the fields of the demand calculator and it will automatically show you the required quantities for the most common composite types.

Surface area in sq m2:
Slabs length in cm:
Slabs width in cm:
Joint wdith in mm:
Choose bond:

Calculate amount of Spacers/Support pads/Pedestals

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VOLFI does not give any warranty for the calculated values. Also they are to be understood as estimated guide numbers.
Every calculation is based on square suface areas.

It is recommended to centrally support many slabs which dimensions exceed >60cm in length.
In this case please consider to add Supports without lugs to your calculations.
(p.r.n. use optional accessories)

Basic Support without lugs