What kind of pedestals do I need?

The ideal terrace planning tool

Every terrace, every balcony, every project has different characteristics. These properties must be responded to with a suitable slab covering in order to achieve a durable and appealing outdoor area for the client.

VOLFI Systems for state-of-the-art slab laying offers solutions for many of these factors due to the unique combination of all elements. 

The VOLFI Terrace Planner supports you in listing the corresponding elements.

Plan your slab substructure now: 

We do not give any warranties for the calculation results. This software can not replace professional advice. VOLFI can not be liable for any defects or misunderstandings due to faulty information provided by our planning tools.

Illustrations can deviate from the actual product.

For support heights above appr. 150mm it is recommended to use VOLFI Base Plates BP-C with 210mm diameter for stabilization.