Self-levelling Adjustable Deck Support Series

Best quality features based on many years of experience.

The self-levelling pedestal series was especially designed for an accurate and persistent installation of dimensionally accurate slabs such as most outdoor ceramics on patios and balconies with substrate gradients of up to 8% to be compensated for.

One part of the Supporting Surface of the pedestal is loose so it can lean into the substrate slope and compensate it. The moving part gets leveled and hold in place by the slabs weight of minimum 40kg/sqm .

The TL-KN is a combination of innovative TL-V adjustable Pedestals and VOLFIs CPS self-leveling module

  • For all common heights 
  • Consisting of  Twist Pedestal TL-V and self-levelling KT-N  Combination Paving Support and VOLFI Basic Support
  • Self-levelling up to 8%
  • Height joint-lugs: 10 or 19mm 
  • Further heights can be achieved by combining with Height Adjustemnt Discs
  • For decoupling from the substrate, the VOLFI Plate VP-GKU 0/00 Ø 140 mm or BP-GKU 0/00 Ø 210 mm with rubber-coating is recommended
  • Fro improved load distribution and a more stable footing for installation heights from 150 mm. the BP-C Base Plate with click system Ø 210 mm is recommended
  • Minimum stock required to cover maximum range of applications

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