Adjustable Pedestal with low installation height

Popular Support for patios with low build entry point

10-15mm adjustable pedestal Type RT-V

  • For very low installation heights
  • Height adjustable with Adjustment Key
  • Consisting of joint-positioning plate and Base Plate
  • long and rugged joint-lugs for non break-off, available in many dimensions
  • Prefabricated joint-positioning plates available with I joints for laying corner slabs and with T joints for stretcher bond
  • Further heights possible:
    • In combination with EA 5 or EA 10 (dimpled base)
    • In combination with VP-GKU 0/00 or BP-GKU 0/00
    • In combination with VOLFI Combination Paving Support VT or VT-A 

Height Extensions for RT-V pedestal in 5 and 10mm

  • Adapter for RT-V
  • Available with flat or dimpled base

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