Adjustable Deck Support Series TL-V

Best quality features based on many years of experience.

TL-V is the name of the latest adjustable pedestal series. It was especially designed for an accurate and persistent installation of dimensionally accurate slabs such as most outdoor ceramics on patios and balconies.

Landscapers and roofers can benefit from a variety of implemented innovations based on many years of experience in the industry of the well-known German manufacturer.

Integrated locking mechanism for persistent slab-layings

  • reliable locking of the adjusted pedestal height
  • with inside hocks
  • adaptive locking drag because of the innovative springy design
  • preventing paver downwards creep because of vibrations and strain 

Overall installation heights from 20 up to 265mm

  • The matching designs enable stacking and firmly connecting two or more TL-V pedestals witch each other
  • Minimum stock required to cover maximum range of applications
  • For all common heights
  • Can also be combined with VOLFI Stackable Supports to reach greater heights cost-effective when the added adjustment range is not obligatory

State-of-the-Art paver protection and secured patio joint patter

  • Joint-positioning plate (Ø 140 mm) with high-quality rubber-coating
  • Widely spaced, robust and long positioning lugs to secure the joint pattern
  • Joint lugs height of 10 mm
  • Prefabricated joint-positioning plates available with I joints for laying corner slabs and with T joints for stretcher bond
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Special Pedestal type for raised floors in vital infrastructure

  • Made of fire-retardant plastic
  • extra resistant design for use for e.g. emergency exits
  • For installation height from 20 to 135 mm
  • With four joint-lugs (4/10)
  • Can be combined with VOLFI ZR-V-FH (made of fire-restistant plastic) to compensate for a substrate gradient of up to 5%

Factsheet GER.pdf

Recommended pedestal accessories to achieve best and quickest installation results

Proper Decoupling Element for underneath the pedestal Type VP-GKU rc

  • Rubber-coated
  • For footfall sound reduction and decoupling from the substrate 
  • With four lugs or without lugs 
  • Flat base to protect the sealing membrane
  • Also supports the adjustment ability of the twist pedestal throughout the joint because of the anti-slip effect
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Enlarge the pedestal base diameter for better stability on soft surfaces

  • For a wider load distribution, a stable stand and 5 mm increase
  • Diameter: 210 mm 
  • The innovative design permits firmly connecting the module to the TL-V Pedestal of Stackable Support VT-U
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