VOLFI Stackable Support System

Every Pedestal can be combined with each other to compensate for greater heights and raise the supported paver up to 250mm. The patio or balcony surface should be solid and level to achieve best results.

By centrally inserting VOLFI Cross Spacers with Base Plate greater joint widths of up to 8mm can be achieved easily. For more drainage capacity between the paver joints.

See `Decoupling and low-height Support elements` for clever assembly accessories to match all properties to your needs.

Basic support design for simple demands Type VT-B

  • Available with 3 or 4 mm joint width
  • Prefabricated supports available with I joints for edge slabs and with T joints for stretcher bond
  • We recommend the VOLFI Plate Spacers VP-GKU 4/10 or BP-GKU 4/10 to decouple
Factsheet GER.pdf

rugged paver support design for professional needs Type VT-U

  • 4 mm joint width
  • Three different installation heights (10, 20, 30 and 50 mm)
  • Decoupling with VOLFI Plate Spacers VP-GKU 4/10 or BP-GKU 4/10
  • Also usable as a substructure for 4-Corner adjustable and Twist-Pedestals to achieve greater support heights cost-effective

Factsheet GER.pdf

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